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Rolling Yoga Mat

Private and Group Classes

Clinical Pilates (Mat work)

In 2021 Hayden et al, found that people with chronic back pain found that some type of exercises were more effective than others.

Pilates was the answer!

   So why do we offer Clinical Pilates?
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Pilates Ring
Pilates Ring

Clinical Pilates a gamer changer!

In the world on sports coaches, Physiotherapist's understanding anatomy, physiology and pathology is matchless. 

Which enables us to first make a through assessment, and then come up with an exercise plan that will change your life. 

Say GoodBye to those recurrent pains on your neck and start your journey with Clinical Pilates.

Private/Group Classes

First session only with assessment (40') - 55 euros

Private session 30' - 45 euros

Group session (min. 2p, max. 3p) -  35 euros

  • Group Class

    30 min

    €35 euros
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