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Hello! My name is Gustavo Garrett, originally from Portugal and married to a beautiful Belgian/Georgian lady. I am a licensed Physiotherapist with a high-ranked diploma from Red Cross College in Lisbon,  Portugal and certified as a Manual Therapist from The Institute of Traditional Medicine Lisbon. Registered in Belgium as a "non-conventionné Kinésithérapeute" (patients are still eligiable to reimbursement).

I am able to communicate in several languages English, Portuguese, French, and Portoñol. 

Since 2016, in collaboration with the team of Schuman Medical Practice, I have been able to help the local and expat community, and build a highly recommended practice.


Our mission is to provide a holistic approach based on the Well Being Model

(physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual). 
Manual Therapy, Exercise therapy, Postural Evaluation and good chat are some of our expertise's. 

Get in touch today and discover our warm and caring environment. 

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Leg Injury

First Appointment/Consultation
50 euro/40'

Physical Therapist

Follow-Up Appointment 
40 euro/30'

Crossfit Exercise

Strength and Conditioning Coaching
40 euro/30'

Cancellation policy

No show or missed appointment without a notice within 24h,

Full fee of 40 euros will be charged (covid 19 case/suspicion included)
Invoice provided=


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